Premier Aqua septic tanks are manufactured with a prefilter on outlet to give further protection to the soakaway. The filter is easily cleaned without contact. We have also developed a range of septic tanks to meet the specific requirements of a number of the Water PLC companies.

Our range of Conder septic tanks are the perfect solution for domestic applications where public mains drainage is not available. The highly successful HDPE septic tanks offer some of the most advanced technical design qualities in the industry. Manufactured in HDPE (2 cu.m up), these plants offer some of the most advanced technical qualities available.

Septic Tank Upgrades

We can provide advise and technical expertise to help you decide on the best septic system upgrade. Premier Aqua can construct sand polishing filter upgrades or provide alternatives to secondary treatment such as a septic tank add-on’s like the coco filter tertiary upgrade to secondary treatment. The Conder Millenium Low Profile Septic Tank is ideal for use in shallow dig sites. The Ecoflo Septic Treatment Tank with Compact Coco Filter is also designed for sites with limited space. It comes with a guaranteed maintenance life of ten years. The Ecoflo is designed to effectively purify domestic wastewater in any situation. Exceptionally compact and modular, this septic treatment system is particularly suited for tight spaces. The Ecoflo treatment system is easily installed after existing septic tanks and the treatment process doesn’t require power.

Upgrading your existing septic tank is a straight forward process when you choose Premier Aqua. We provide a complete turn-key septic tank upgrade service.

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